Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lord of the Trims: The Return of the Gym

**cue 70s Japanese cinema-style gong noise**

I upped and went to the gym this morning. In a slightly undignified these-shoes-were-not-designed-for-ice manner. First time there in I would estimate four months. And before work. Get moi!

I lasted less than fifteen minutes on the treadmill before I wanted to chunder.

However, I made free with the showers afterwards, which was lovely as ours is still not back up to full working order. Tomorrow morning: The Return of Barry.

Does it show that I have not yet turned on Twitter in 2010? I'm enjoying the lack of distraction. Think I'll have to be more disciplined about things this year.


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Jayne said...

I am buried in snow in Oxfordshire and my entire exercise this year has consisted of tottering (like Bambi but less graceful) round to the shops in an attempt to buy milk/bread/cigs. Also attempting to train cats to pull a sleigh but they're not playing. Little bastards.

Happy New Year!