Monday, January 04, 2010

The Sn4wmen

Our boiler has broken down. Some kind of pump malfunction. Up to this point the Worcester Flyover Combi thing has been ever reliable. Now it can heat water, but not transport it anywhere around the flat. Which is annoying.

The boiler man (Barry) is coming around today. In the meantime we bought a small fan heater at the weekend, to help keep us alive. We quickly monikered this Fanny. It's the only time in the last ten years I've been interested in anything with this name.

But now we are very interested. Wherever Fanny goes, we follow. It can only heat one room at a time. IE, the one we are in.

Yesterday I went to the gym to use the shower, due to the lack of hot water. I'd just changed home branch, so I had to go and find where it exactly was, first. I 'fessed up to the nice lady behind the desk and said I was only there to get clean.

The evening before, we both went to the cinema to keep warm. We watched Sherlock Holmes, which ripped along at a firey pace, and was quite good. Am I the only person that thinks Downey Jnr sounds a bit like Sean Bean in Goldeneye, though?

"Closing time, Watson!".

At the cinema, I noticed some things about the current Clapham popluation:

1. All the men above thirty take all their style cues from whoever the current male lead in Spooks is.
2. All women want to be Florence from Florence and the Machine.
3. Many women have no idea how big their handbags actually are.

I am hoping the boiler man can fix the boiler today. Please please please.

On the plus side, this is probably helping my pledge to cut down on energy usage this year.


Michael said...

"Pump malfunction". Pffft!

GreatSheElephant said...

Is he a British Gas boilerman? Is your boiler older than a year or two? If so, count on at least 7 visits, stretching over a period of months.

Boz said...

UPDATE: Boiler fixed, so heating ON, but water pressure is LOW so taking a shower induces weeping.

Hedgie said...

Yikes! I am unable to go on the internet without hearing of a boiler malfunction - hope it's not catching. Glad yours is fixed now.