Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is not going to become one of those dull torso-related perving blogs..

I promise.

I'm not going to start posting up pictures of celebrities with their tops off, along with variations on dribbling sounds or 'pwoar'. Who I do or do not have small daydreams about is less interesting for anyone else.

However, exceptions have to be made when it's a hitherto undiscovered BBC Weatherman.

I mean, wow. That's a whole lot of impressive gym work right there.

But it's so unexpected. It's like finding out that your account has superpowers, or that Terry Wogan is secretly running the UN.*

Bet he's getting some stick in the BBC office today, though.

It comes hot on the polished middle-class heels of this piece in yesterday's Times2, which explores the male obsession with having a six pack and perfect abs. Which is quite a good read, if a bit, well, 'dur'. Vanity is hardly a new sin, is it.

In this piece, Men's Health claim they don't 'editorialise' for gay men. I'm sorry? Come again? It does smack slightly of saying the party line through gritted teeth, without wishing to alienate all the hetero audience (who probably don't give a monkeys anyway if they genuinely spend time in the gym). But have you seen the adverts in Men's Health!? WHO ARE THEY KIDDING? It's either the female gaze or the gay gaze at work..

Now, I stand here** as someone who has recently started going to the gym again in a big way. I know. Hypocrite, right? But I'm not kidding myself. While there is caramel shortbread and bacon sandwiches in this world I am never going to be that person.


Turns out Mr Schafernaker is far more endearing on other counts, not just his impressive physique. He gets the giggles. On an epic, Charlotte Green scale. Brilliant!

Check out his unfortunate Glastonbury forecast. And then there is this glorious video clip...

Tomasz Schafernaker has even spawned his on fan blog. Amazing.

I'm predicting a hot front coming in from the south...

In summary: Nawwwwwww.

* Although actually I do firmly believe our work accountant does have superpowers. He's the most sorted, sane, with it and nice guy you'll ever meet. The rest of us are barely able to hold it together.

** Sitting, ackshully. Don;t believe everything you read on the t'internets, kids!


Roger Mellie said...

Thanks for advertising the Tomasz blog to wider audience, much appreciated.

His Country Tracks forecasts have given us hints of his stunning physique... but it was even better than I expected!

DanProject76 said...

Oh yes those Men's Health magazines are a gateway mag to Attitude or Gay Times. What heterosexual man would want to look at photos of how to get a perfect six pack every month?