Friday, November 26, 2010


Seriously. What the hell am I going to get my dad for Christmas?

And what is this obsession that blokes all want hip flasks. Hip flasks!? Really? Is this the best retailers can come up with?

I've used one once. In my whole life. That's not an ideal return on investment.

So. To look at my dad's interests in turn:

Golf: But he hates golf things.
Science / astrophysics: Great. I'll get a timeshare on a quark.
Books: He has loads he has not read yet (also, did that for his birthday).
Growing vegetables: He used to be a farmer. There's not much he needs or needs to know about.
Films: Already got a DVD as a joint Mum and Dad present.
Music: Under embargo since the year three of us bought him the same Jools Holland CD.

He's really not going to be impressed if I rock up with a scarf. We all bring booze home for the holiday anyway, so a bottle of something just screams 'I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GIVE YOU'. He doesn't collect anything.

Please do not misunderstand me; he's a fascinating and lovely man. But Dads just .. don't seem to fit the consumer matrix.

So I'm turning my baleful, puppy-like eyes to the internet... I can has halps, pls?


LC said...

Don't dismiss the bottle idea. People have no idea what to buy me because I pretty much already have everything I want, but a good bottle of scotch or champagne never goes unappreciated.

Or, instead of 'things' what about experiences? Take him out somewhere nice - afternoon tea at one of the posh hotels in London is always really nice.

matt said...

what about artwork depicting one of his interests? photography if you want something a bit more 'masculine'. or if not one of his interests, something London related that's a reminder of where you live.

GreatSheElephant said...

The quark idea is funny. On a slightly larger scale I believe you can pay to get comets, asteroids and so on named after people.

The latest Stephen Hawking book?

Boz said...

LC - experience is actually not a bad idea. I am a bit hett up about having something to wrap up. But i'm sure I could do something meaningful with the old bugger.

Matt - he actually gave me a framed photo he took for my last birthday. Also good.

GSE - I am investigating the possibility of having a Theorem named after him. I jest not.

GreatSheElephant said...

really? There are un-named theorems out there looking for loving owners? Because I'd happily adopt a theorem seeing as I'm unlikely to win the Nobel Prize for Literature any time soon.

Boz said...


Tim Footman said...

Definitely an experience. Fetish club?

Annie said...

Science Museum (online shop) does good little geeky science presents - you could give him something small so you have something to wrap up, then an experience day as proper present. Does he like concerts or theatre or anything? Science lecture tickets? I dunno.

I have exactly the same with my dad (also plays golf, how many novelty golf ball shaped soaps can one man want in a lifetime?) plus his birthday is near Christmas so have to think of TWO presents at the same time. Bah!

LaLa said...

What awesome suggestions, I love the theorem idea, super geeky.

For Father's Day I went to the local markets and bought lots of locally produced gourmet stuff. Truffle infused olive oil, oozy gorgonzola, macarons, hot chocolate sticks etc. Dad loved it.

Boz said...

Tim - if I can find a fetish club where men get together on a Sunday and watch the cricket while talking nonsense, we're in business.

Annie - SCIENCE MUSEUM YES. YES YES YES. I shall do that.

LALA - This is also good stuff. Dad is getting into cooking, and goes a bit experimental in the kitchen. What this really means is masses of washing up for the rest of us, however..