Tuesday, January 11, 2011

51 weeks of glorious possibility!

One week in, then, and so far the year still feels like a big ol' heap of unknown. I quite like this. The anticipation of stuff happening is often so much more enjoyable than the actual stuff, which quite often involves;

1. a lot of quite dull paperwork,
2. potential financial instability,
3. planning matters in prolapse-inducing detail.

I am not good at any of the above. Well, I'm quite good at financial instability, but not by design.

It's a cliche that the New Year is a time of fresh starts and that, but this year it feels like lots might actually change.

(This is the post they read out after I get mowed down by an anvil delivery truck sometime next week, isn't it?)

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LaLa said...

Me too, me too! Apart from our wonderful trip overseas and meeting some wonderful people over there, last year was - well, a bit rubbish really?

I feel quite zoom-zoom about this year. Like a car advert.