Friday, February 18, 2011

The Non-Secret Seven

I've been tagged! Like ye goode olde dayes on Blogs. I like a good Meme.

Seven random things. Powering up...

1. I spend a fortune on headphones. Like, a lot. Really. It's an ongoing expense. I currently have a Sony pair I bought last year. And they are breaking already. I get through about three pairs a year. Maybe I should be a bit more careful, but they all end up with one ear flickering in and out. I drives me made. What I really need is to find a good person who is handy with a soldering iron.

2. I am good with lyrics. Must be the way my mind works. I think I've logged about this before. Singing along in the shower comes as standard and I WAS JUST SEEING WHAT THE ATTACHMENT DID. So I have a good memory for lyrics. mostly to pretty awful songs. Theme from Ulysses 31? Yeah, hi.It's me, No-no. Small robot you know. (I'm also quite good at identifying who is doing any given voiceover. I am stupidly quite proud of this.)

3. I can do a killer Moira Stewart impression. I have nothing further to say about this.

4. I can tie a cherry stalk into a knot in my mouth. But have yet to find a way of doing that appears in any way sexy. I just look like a spinster aunt sucking a sour boiled sweet.

5. Had I not been born with a Y chromosome, I would have been called Mercia. I have no idea what was going on in my parents' minds with this one. They are normally good and kind people.

6. Don't like scallops. Nup. Not even a little bitty bit. Don't see what all the fuss is about, or why they crop up on Masterchef so often. But, hey, we're all different, right?

7. I like being in my thirties. Of course, statements like this are the harbringers of certain doom. But one of the best things that has ever happened in my life is reaching the point where you accept with perfect amicability that not everyone will like you and you will not like everyone else. It makes the good people worth hanging around for (like meeting the good lady who tagged me in this meme, you know?).

Tag thyselves!

Monday, February 07, 2011

I have basically titted away all the good years, haven't I

So, I was re-watching the recent Star Trek film again last night, as one does when one has a spare evening to oneself.

I may have been a little 'tired and emotional' as I found myself welling up a bit at the pre-credits sequence. You know. The bit with the USS Kelvin. Won't say. Spoilers and that.

So it finished and that was really good, still. Then I started watching it again from the beginning with the commentary from the Director and writers and stuff. Because I'm a bit spoddy like that, and have seen it enough times now for some of the magic to be spoiled.

At the point where the big Star Trek logo rocks up for the first time as a sort of title card sortofthing, JJ Abrams notes that he found the genius guy who did this "on the internet" and he was "23".



This made me pause a while, and come to the conclusion that I really should have been doing the sort of stuff I really liked a whole lot earlier and with a whole bunch more effort, if I wanted to ever get anywhere doing something I liked doing. (Although I don't actually know what that would be anyway.) Given that I'm now 31.

I mean. This blog has been running on and off, hot and cold, for some years now. I can't imagine anyone is going to come across it and say "YES! THIS GUY! WE NEED HIM FOR OUR MULTI-MILLION POUND COOL PROJECT OF COOLNESS!" are they?

*expectant face*


Especially when, after checking analytics, people are coming here through search terms such as "dougray scott saturday kitchen", "escape pod trump tower" and (my favourite) "bab bap bap ba ba ba".

Although, I am now of course wondering now if Trump Tower has a cool-type awesome escape pod of awesomeness.