Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Guv'Nor

We had a school Governors sub-committee meeting last night, of which I am Chair.*

(I know. How do I stand the non-stop excitement that is my kerrr-razy life.)

Always dread the meetings. They stick out in the diary like little clouds of post-work gloom. Commitment made manifest. Last year a friend ran through an exercise with me where you prioritise and rank the things you want to do more of. School Governing came bottom of quite a long list.

But then the meeting was brilliant. We got loads done and it was really energetic. I came away feeling really great and actually useful.

It always happens like this. I really must be less curmudgeonly about my free time.

Still a bit confused as to how I actually became a school governor, not having any of what I imagined to be the normal prerequisites; a child, a severe nervous condition brought on my teaching a small army of 'little darlings' etc. I think I saw it as a way of volunteering.

I'm what they call a community governor (the other kind, aside from parents and teachers, are local authority governors). This means I am supposed to represent the local community, I think.



* The position of Table having already been filled, obviously.

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LaLa said...

This must be a peculiarly English thing? So.. it's a school.... and they just asked you, as a local, to be the Governor? Or you were just looking for a volunteer position and that was what came up?

I must know more for I do not understand.

Though, of course, I think you would be brilliant at governing!