Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A list of things I don't like about my bank (thrills!)

A couple of weeks ago, my bank did a good thing. Since then, it's done a lot of quite bad things. Bad things it could so easily have not done.

Good thing: My bank phoned me to tell me my debit card details had been found on 'a list' and that they needed to cancel my card. Irritating, but necessary and very helpful of them.

Bad thing one: They couldn't tell me any more information about how my details might have got on this list, where this was found, or how I might stop this happening again.

Bad thing two: It takes 7-10 working days for a replacement card. I mean, really? That long? As a species humanity has put people on our planet's moon, turned sunlight into usable energy* and invented the paperclip. Admittedly, in the cosmic scale of things, these are all quite small achievements. But can it really be that problematic to create a small piece of secure plastic and post it to us? And if it is, explain to me why.

Bad thing three: Not posting it to me. Unlike the normal cards that get sent to my home, because they (not me, they) cancelled this one, I have to sign for it. Ah. So there's no point in sending it to my home. I won't be there. Can you send it to my workplace? No. Oh. WHY?

Bad thing four: Not sending me a letter to say it is ready for collection. Will you? No. because that's, like, really hard. (To be fair, having had customer service letters form my bank before, I'd rather not have another one with typos and grammar errors in. Because they really inspire me with confidence, you know?)

Bad thing five: Sending it to the wrong branch. Okay, so i also accept some fault here. Because when they said, "The branch on X road?" I did not specifically ask if there was more than one branch on that road.

Bad thing six: Open plan style banking branches. I don't want to do my business in front of everyone, thanks.

Bad thing seven: Being able to identify that the card had not arrived (because I was in the wrong branch, of course) but telling me that to find out where it was, I'd have to wait "15-20 minutes" to sit down with someone. Really? At 11am? Really??

The one other slightly good thing: the dude on the phone that said sorry when I phoned to check where it was.

A lot of this comes down to communication. I will put up with quite a lot if people;

1) Explain why something has to happen, straightforwardly and without patronising me.
2) Recognise that things are not going brilliantly, without trying to put the blame for this on me.
3) Say sorry.

It's not difficult. It really isn't.

* Obviously plants got there first with this one, I will admit.


GreatSheElephant said...

Name and shame time?

With regards to bad thing one, it is very unlikely that it was anything you did or that you can do anything different to make a difference (other than never use your card). It's all about how retailers store, process and protect card data. Some of them are a bit sloppy.

Hedgie said...