Monday, July 04, 2011

Hallo the internet, my big furry reassuring friend!

Four weeks.

It's taken four weeks since moving flat for BT to get us properly connected to the internet. I mean, really? I'm a single gay man. My flatmate purports this puts me in a vulnerable group. I NEED THE INTERNET.

...because when you've used up your Smartphone's data allowance for the month remarkably quickly, getting everything you need to do done at work sucks. Seriously. I am surprised at how much of what I do involves being hooked up to the hive mind.

Anyway. Happily flat-settling now. The only other minor disaster was finding the new flat didn't have a TV aerial.

I'll just repeat that for those of you rendered unable to comprehend this.

The new flat. Does not have. A TV aerial.

Apparently this is the 21st century. WHO KNEW. This is being swiftly rectified, if only to avoid a repeat of the sweaty fear that gripped my flatmate and I when we discovered this. We clutched at each other in terror.

AND without the internet we didn't even have iPLAYER. I KNOW.

(Yes, yes, summer, outdoors, frolicking in parks, wine in the sunshine, blah, blah roobarb.. I know, I know.. I don't spend all my time indoors staring at screens, I promise.)

Tell you what, as well. Moving house when you've been out drinking the night before and forgotten to have dinner. Not so fun. I was as surprised as anyone..

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