Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Things I have learnt since recovering from chickenpox

1. I got off fairly lightly, especially on the itching front.

2. Contrary to all pretence, I am not in any form vital to the successful operation of the office. Darnit.

3. My ambition to maintain a relaxed and peaceful frame of mind since coming back to work has been, well, a challenge. But this only underlines the fact that something in my life has to change fairly soon. Mmmyeah. It's all been the same for far too long.

4. Sometimes the NT puts on shows that I really don't enjoy at ALL . (NB: This may not have anything to do with the chickenpox.)

Aaaaand that's about it, really. Cheers for all the nice messages - that was nice, that was.

And so life carries on.


matt said...

Not enjoying AWKWK had nothing to do with chickenpox, and everything to do with the fact the production was ill-conceived in pretty much every way imaginable.

Just for clarification. :)

Boz said...

Matt - It sort of was, wasn't it? Oh dear. I was definitely fully recovered by the time I saw it, too.