Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well that was stupid, wasn't it.

I can't remember exactly what possessed me. A few months ago I casually mentioned to m'dad that my flatmate was off overseas to see his extended family for Christmas. So if they were in town at any point around the holiday, they could, you know, stay or whatever.



~manly supping of pints~

Skip forward a week, and my sister rings.

"So I hear we're spending the family Christmas at your place this year? I think this is a great idea."


"I said I think this is a GREAT idea."

Yes. It turns out I'm hosting the entire family of six this Christmas. Ah. Right.

All sorts of questions suddenly occur. Where will everyone sleep? Do I have enough bedding? Do I have enough forks?

I strongly suspect that the solution to this problem will be me throwing money at the good people of Sainsbury's, Waitrose and John Lewis, and doing the full Margo Leadbetter by getting Christmas delivered in a van (or not). Things that I have noted down so far:

1. Industrial quantities of toilet paper
2. Wholesale size box of Quality Street
3. Earplugs

It's actually gonna be great (Dad has said he will still cook Christmas dinner). But gettnig there is going to be very interesting. I have not bought an advent calendar this year because it would just feel like counting down to an alcohol and stress induced breakdown.

Look, Mummy, this door has picture of sedatives behind!

Wish me luck.


Tim Footman said...

The family may be spending Christmas at your place, but does that necessitate your being there as well?

Boz said...

Excellent point. But no one else can work the heating.

You are wise, Tim. I should like a spin-off Footman blog, please. Composed entirely of comments you leave on other peoples' blogs. This would be just excellent.

LaLa said...

Awesome. Please tell me there will be at least one child?

Three months after I moved to Canberra we hosted all of Mick's family and 4 of my family members. 23 people for lunch thank you very much. Just get drunk, best way to deal with it.

Boz said...

One seven year old, and one 16 year old. Which will be awesome.

I could not even contemplate hosting 23. I'd.. I'd... okay I feel a lot better about the six of us, now.